Why Give?

There are plenty of big, well-known organizations out there looking for donors.  Why join forces with us?

Excellent question.

The simple answer is that we’re not a large organization looking in; we’re a small organization looking forward.  We grew up in Appalachia, in places where the outlook was bleak and higher education was the best way to change trajectory.  Our college educations expanded our knowledge and our opportunities, and now that we’re able to help students from Appalachia reach for their own educational goals, we’re fired up.  We’re investing our own resources into removing financial barriers for students and altering the area’s future, and we’re looking for donors to partner with us in this project.

Money contributed to Appalachian Connection doesn’t go to a vast fund to be spread among all parts of the country.  This money goes directly toward sending deserving students to college.  All students eligible for the scholarship have already achieved academic success, and funding is awarded to those who are already thinking about concrete ways to bettering the Appalachian region.  Your investment in a single student can have an impact on that young person and the future of Appalachia.  

Are you ready to join us in removing financial barriers to education for top Appalachian students?  We’re ready to welcome you to the team.