Why Appalachia?

First and foremost, Appalachia is our home. Some of us may no longer be permanent residents, but it will always be a large part of who we are as individuals. Appalachia shaped our foundation and will forever be our heritage. Unfortunately, the Appalachian economy has not experienced a great deal of economic prosperity in recent history (see links below). We want to change the story of these articles, we want people to start writing about how Appalachia is making a comeback, and we believe that comeback will be driven by the bright young minds sitting in the classroom today.

These are some of the stories we want to help change:

faye.org- A closer look at Appalachian Poverty

National Catholic Reporter- Coal’s future driven home in Appalachia

The Week Online- Appalachia: The big white ghetto

VoicesOfYouth.org- People of the Mountains: Life in Appalachia 

ThinkProgress.org- This Is What Poverty Looks Like

ZeroHedge.com- Vast Stretches of Impoverished Appalachia