My time at UK is flying by!

Stacie Fugate, looking like an old pro on her first day back at UK.

I’m starting my junior year at UK and to say it has flown by would be an understatement. There were a couple of semesters where I was unsure of my major, but thankfully I was constantly reassured by family, friends, and the folks at Appalachian Connection that I could do anything I set my mind to. I have decided on being a Political Science Major with a Minor in Appalachian Studies. I’m excited to be working with the Student Government Association as the Director of Promotions as well as a UK Athletics tutor!

An update from Danika- I’m a sophomore!

My first year of college was more difficult than I expected, not necessarily because of the difficulty of my classes, but because the difficulty I found in leaving the many great people I had met, and the town I had grown to love.

Danika Riddle (left), proudly displaying her award for Outstanding First Year Student.

There is a significant amount of difference when I try to compare high school to college, I think because of the freedom that is offered in college. I had such compassionate, encouraging professors, which made the classes that much more enjoyable. I had always heard that professors wouldn’t care, which is simply not true. They are there and they want to help you, you just have to ask. I am majoring in psychology and I’m quite excited that I have been accepted into the McNair Scholars Program for undergraduates who plan on getting a doctoral degree in their major!  I am excited about what my sophomore year at Eastern Kentucky University will bring.

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